Our Mission

Disconsin Disc Golf Club is a group of amateur disc golf enthusiasts coming together to discuss, compete, and promote the advancement of the sport of disc golf. The three main pillars that make up the foundation of the Disconsin ideology; DiscussCompete, and Promote. These pillars embody the core objectives of the Disconsin Disc Golf Club.


Disc Golf is a unique recreational opportunity. The sport goes far beyond simply tossing a disc into a basket, it teaches humility, concentration, disciple, and determination in the face of adversity. It isn’t always initially apparent, but the significance is quickly realized when a discer takes those first steps onto the disc golf course. This experience provides an opportunity to truly commune with nature, but also embrace the fellowship of other disc golfers.

We are not simply strolling through the woods; we are interacting with it and thus become completely aware of the surroundings. In the same instance, disc golf provides a moment for participants to let go of the extra baggage and reflect on the day. This is what adds to the uniqueness of disc golf; the contest is not just between other discers, it is against each environment that you experience, each situation you are presented, and perhaps, the most underestimated, one’s own self.

Upcoming Events

While disc golf can be very relaxing and social, the versatility allows for competition. Disconsin focuses to conduct, host, officiate, and sponsor disc golf related events. These events will serve to provide the community with increased access to friendly competition within the venue of disc golf. As a club, we also strive to recognize those organizations who have helped us along the way of growing the sport.

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Forehands, Backhands, Tommies…

Each course is unique and requires a different combination of throws to complete.


Disconsin focuses to conduct, host, officiate, and sponsor disc golf related events.


From apps and videos to infographics and flight charts, we try to include it all.


Courses that the Disconsin Disc Golf Club has designed, constructed, or influenced.

Disconsin: Origins

Disconsin Disc Golf Club was established January 31st, 2015, though its origins can be traced back even further. The club manifested after four high school friends independently developed a passion for the sport and came together as a means to experience disc golf around the state of Wisconsin. It wasn’t long after that they decided a course in their hometown of Reedsburg, Wisconsin would be ideal, and the group organized.

After countless months of fundraising, meeting with local officials, conducting community events, and preparing the site, the goal was accomplished with the opening of the 18-basket Half-Moon Lagoon Disc Golf Course (HML DGC) within the Roger Popple Nature Area and Webb Park in the city of Reedsburg in July of 2017. This marked only the beginning though, as the club became a strong advocate for the advancement of the sport of disc golf throughout the Sauk County area.

As the club’s influence grew, so did their commitment to the sport. After the opening of the HML DGC, it provided the club a base of operations to start introducing disc golf leagues and events to the area. Along with a growing membership base across the state and an increasing number of events being held every year, the club has taken on more course construction projects throughout the Sauk County as well. Which all are looking very promising.

Disconsin Disc Golf Club has made huge strives in introducing disc golf to the area and looks to continue to do so in the coming years. It is through the help of the club’s strong membership base and community support that they are able to fulfill their mission to, “Discuss, Compete, and Promote the advancement of the sport of disc golf” throughout the state of Wisconsin.