Arena DGC

Established 2013 | Disconsin ‘Hopeful’ Project

Arena DGC Arena, WI

Course Description

Short, beginner-friendly course in a rural village park. Generally open, with a few holes in a small woods along the railway (This is the area that floods). The park also has a shelter and a large stocked fishing pond. Currently (3/25/20), holes 4 through 7 are unplayable due to flooding, while both baskets on 3 and 8 are very near flood waters. These are the issues the Disconsin Disc Golf Club would like to address with the course.

Project Details

  • Visited by a couple Club members in March of 2020, and the course was in dire need of maintenance
  • Several baskets were underwater, and from other notes, they appear to have been that way for some time
  • Disconsin would like to reach out to the course and assist with possible upgrade, because the area is a wonderful spot for a beginner-friendly 9-basket course

Upcoming Events

While disc golf can be very relaxing and social, the versatility allows forĀ competition. Disconsin focuses to conduct, host, officiate, and sponsor disc golf related events. These events will serve to provide the community with increased access to friendly competition within the venue of disc golf. As a club, we also strive to recognize those organizations who have helped us along the way of growing the sport.

There are no events