July 25, 2020 | 3:00 pm 8:30 pm
Fairfield Hills Golf Course & Range, Baraboo, WI

Teams are asked to please register together at $80 per team ($40 per player)


About this Tournament

Players are being asked to sign up as teams at $80 per team ($40 per player).


27 holes, played in two-person teams. The Front 9 is played as Doubles Best Shot, Middle 9 as Doubles Alternate Shot, and the Final 9 as Doubles Stroke Play with a combined total score.


Each 9 will be scored separately, and points will be awarded based on your team’s position for that round (example: 3rd place on front nine = 3pts). The pair with the lowest number of points after all three rounds will be the winner.

Upcoming Events

While disc golf can be very relaxing and social, the versatility allows for competition. Disconsin focuses to conduct, host, officiate, and sponsor disc golf related events. These events will serve to provide the community with increased access to friendly competition within the venue of disc golf. As a club, we also strive to recognize those organizations who have helped us along the way of growing the sport.

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