• Andrew Denman
    Andrew Denman Executive Director
  • Andrew Stuebs
    Andrew Stuebs Environmental Director
  • Eric Huffman
    Eric Huffman Program Director
  • Matt Haakenson
    Matt Haakenson Course Director
  • Nicholas Bauer
    Nicholas Bauer Board Chairman
  • Scotty Cummens
    Scotty Cummens Marketing Director
  • William Erickson
    William Erickson Financial Director

We are Out to Grow the Sport, and it Starts with Your Support!


Membership Minimal Responsibilities:

Maintain active club status and dues
Support the Club, its sponsors, and its members and friends
Assist with community/course maintenance and clean up (min. of three per year)
Give assistance to new players and visitors
Abide by PDGA rules of courtesy, integrity, and responsibility as well as the DDGC code of conduct

  Adam Gutt

  Adam Wolter

  Alex Barrett

  Andrew Brown

  Andrew Denman

  Andrew Stuebs

  Andrew Pekarske

  Angi Nicholas

  Brandon Hebel

  Chad Nicholas

  Chip Nicholas

  Christopher Henderson

  Cody Cummings

  Dan Kreibich

  Dani Grimm

  Elizabeth Emmenegger

  Eric Huffman

  Jake Ledford

  James Nabar

  James Sprecher

  Jim Maziarka

  Joe Bauer

  Justin Ringelstetter

  Justin Walker

  Mark Tracy

  Matt Haakenson

  Matt Scott

  Molly Orman

  Nicholas Bauer

  Phil Orman

  Scotty Cummens

  Shawn Craig

  Thomas Krueger

  Uriah Buman

  William Erickson


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