Narrows Creek DGC Share

Established 2015 | Disconsin ‘Hopeful In-Progress’ Project

Narrows Creek Loganville, WI

Course Description

Established in 2015, the Narrows Creek Disc Golf Course is Disconsin’s original course project. Originally formed by the village with random pin placements without tee area nor signage, Disconsin brought about some organization to the park, and established the course officially. Fundraising and planning for permanent baskets are underway, as another major flood rearranged many elements of the course.

Project Details

  • Course was ‘unofficially’ established in 2015 with temporary baskets
  • Disconsin’s original course project; Staking down temp. baskets, creating course signage, and updating course on multiple social platforms
  • Current layout is incorrect due to flooding; baskets and signs have been displaced
  • The course is in need of permanent basket placements (flooding has eliminated temporary basket usage, and the course is in need of permanent basket placements for continued use)

Upcoming Events

While disc golf can be very relaxing and social, the versatility allows for competition. Disconsin focuses to conduct, host, officiate, and sponsor disc golf related events. These events will serve to provide the community with increased access to friendly competition within the venue of disc golf. As a club, we also strive to recognize those organizations who have helped us along the way of growing the sport.

There are no events