Team Disconsin members Phil Orman and Brian Chambers competing during round 2's modified alternate shot

The Disconsin Disc Golf Club worked alongside the Fairfield Hills Golf Course & Range to bring together 20 teams for a doubles event; making it the first disc golf event on the course grounds. The Fairfield Fling had 40 players competing with a partner through 3 rounds of 9-hole disc golf. Each round had a different style of play, and points were awarded for finishing with the lowest stroke count each round. The team with the least amount of points at the end of the third round would be claimed the victor (unlike traditional styles of play for golf, where total stroke count is the only determining factor). Mixing-up the way disc golf events happen has always been a thing for the club, and this style-of-play trial was a huge success. Players received player-packs (Discraft Discs, Disconsin Towels, and Disconsin & Discraft Stickers) for registering, and winners of the event and the C.T.P. throws received discs, hats, stickers, and Glide Disc Golf gift cards.

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