Disconsin’s Timeline

Few places in the world are better suited for such a sport then the State of Wisconsin. The rolling hills, abundant woodlands, and ever-changing seasons make it hard to deny what Wisconsin has to offer the disc golf community.



Four high school friends had all been reunited in their hometown after a few years out of high school. Disc Golf grew as a popular hobby and interest grew in trying to play more as a group. The only location near their hometown of Reedsburg, Wisconsin was the 20 minute drive to Baraboo, Wisconsin. This trip began to bring the thought that Reedsburg needed a great course of its own (The local high school did have 9 baskets scattered around the high school building, but the baskets had been constructed by the high school’s shop students in 2010, and fell into disrepair within a few years of construction).


The Disconsin Disc Golf Club was officially established on Jan. 31st with the signing of the Charter. Buckthorn Round-Up (A local effort to eradicate the invasive species of Buckthorn throughout the nature area) began on Sept. 13th as a collaborative project between the City of Reedsburg, Villari’s Family Fitness & Self-Defense, and the Disconsin Disc Golf Club. The second day of the Buckthorn Round-Up occurred the following weekend. This was the first major step toward preparing the trails and surrounding land for use.


Buckthorn Round-Up for the spring of 2016 was a 3-straight-day stretch (May 13-15), demanding mental and physical strength from those involved. The community collaboration with Villari’s had dwindled out by the spring, while Boy Scout Troop 247 offered support. The Autumn Buckthorn Round-Up had 9 installments running every Saturday from Sept. 24 through Nov. 19. Disconsin members understood the amount of work needed to be done to prepare the land for course installment, planning for construction the following spring.


The year Disconsin had planned for from the beginning. Spring Buckthorn Round-Up was conducted over four days (April 1, 8, 23, and 29) as the final preparations of the trails and land were made to hold an 18-basket disc golf course. Baskets/Targets from Innova, Rubber Tee Pads from Farm & Fleet, lumber from Hartje Lumber, and signage from Henke Signs prepared the course for a grand opening on July 15th. An estimated 40+ people attended and played the course throughout the day of the courses Grand opening.

The Disconsin members-only tour event for the Autumn was in its fourth year, and the club decided to tour the Greater Madison Area. The 4th Annual Autumn Open was held on October 7th & 8th at the course of Vallarta-Ast, Bird’s Ruins, Hiestand, Elver & Capital Springs. The Battle in the Bog was the first tournament hosted at Half-Moon Lagoon Disc Golf Course on Oct. 14th while the newly developed RAHS Disc Golf Club alongside Disconsin hosted the Hot Cocoa Throw on the 3rd of December.


The year began January 7th with a double-header of events. Disconsin’s 1st quarter meeting took place in the morning and was followed by week 1 of Disconsin Winter League, alternating from the Baraboo Lions Disc Golf Course to the Half-Moon Lagoon Disc Golf Course, each Sunday from Jan. 7 through March 4 (Cancelled Feb. 4). The Nite Ize Tundra Toss (as part of Reedsburg’s Frosty Fest) took place from 5:30-8:30 on the evening of Feb. 17. The club was very grateful for a sponsorship from Nite Ize, as they provided Disconsin with Flashflight® Light Up Flying Discs. The Half-Moon hosted the Dirty Birdie Showdown on March 24 and the new season of Buckthorn Round-Up fired-up on April 22nd.

After yet another double-header event day, Disconsin Spring Doubles League began after our 2nd quarter meeting. On the 7th of July, a few Disconsin members took part of the Dynamic Disc Two Disc Challenge hosted by Mad City Disc Golf Club at the newly developed Wilderness Campground Disc Golf Course in Montello, WI. These events are growing in popularity, and this day was no disappointment, with an awesome course and great competition. The following day Disconsin conducted an impromptu meeting (too few in attendance to conduct meeting).

The Half-Moon Lagoon DGC had its anniversary on July 16th, and this was an emotional day for many members, as it was the one-year mark of so many hours of work in the years leading up to the development and final construction of the course. Another impromptu meeting for the last quarter of the year was scheduled for October 7th, and Battle in the Bog II was hosted at the Half-Moon Lagoon DGC on October 28th. This was another great turnout for a Club-hosted event, but many members are striving and ideating for continual improvement to how our events are ran. The year closed with one last event. The 5th Autumn Open was scheduled for the weekend of November the 9th.


The year began January 6th for our 1st quarter meeting. It had been awhile since a solid meeting had been conducted, as many members personal lives continue to grow busier. The Dirty Birdie Showdown 2019 was the first event of the year, with no Disconsin hosted leagues being ran in the winter nor spring times. The 2nd quarter meeting was conducted on April 7th. An impromptu 3rd quarter meeting was held on July 7th. Tuesday July 16th, the Half-Moon Lagoon Disc Golf Course celebrated its second anniversary.

The Bible Baptist Church of Reedsburg had a scheduled activity for July 27th, the second annual activity day that would involve disc golf at the Half-Moon Lagoon. Club members were honored to be asked about the course being used again for this purpose, but mother nature once again cancelled plans. With high waters throughout much of the area during the spring and early summer seasons, disc golf at the course was near impossible.

Disconsin Elections were scheduled for September 29th, and the last quarter meeting was scheduled for October 6th. The 3rd installment of the Battle in the Bog took place on November 2nd. This year, Mike from Glide Disc Golf helped direct the event to bring the first PDGA sanctioned event to the Half-Moon Lagoon Disc Golf Course. The events host sponsor was Touchdown Tavern, which hosted breakfast before the event, lunch at the break between rounds, and the awards ceremony. With 69 competitors and a $1000 Ace Pool, it was a definite success to all involved.

Reminder to Club Members: Disconsin season ends December 31st; Bag tags expire the evening of December 31st.


The Club celebrated its fifth anniversary on January 31st and Early Winter League began February 2nd. This league is scheduled for every Sunday, with the 1st, 3rd, 5th Sundays of the month will be Recreational Play with a running Ace Pool and the 2nd & 4th Sundays of the month will be Skins Match Play at $1 per hole. Winter League play was cancelled prior to week 8 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The April 4th Dirty Birdie at Baraboo Lions DGC was also postponed due to the pandemic. The location was chosen because the second Glide Series event was scheduled for the following weekend. With everything being postponed or cancelled, the location may not remain in Baraboo when/if the event date is re-set.

The Half-Moon Lagoon’s anniversary is July 16th. The Battle in the Bog 4 is scheduled for Saturday, November 7th. For the 2nd year, Disconsin is collaberating with Glide Disc Golf out of Madison to make this event PDGA sanctioned, and with a $1000 ace pool planned.