White Mound County Park

Future Course Development

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The park is looking at various options for expanding outdoor recreational opportunities. Before disc golf is able to be added to the master property plan for the park, it has to be demonstrated that there is a public need or desire for the disc golf infrastructure.

White Mound Hillpoint, WI

Course Description

The Disconsin Disc Golf Club was in contact with the Sauk County Parks Department to plan a potential course in 2016. The Club used the resources of WDSA member Don Hoffman to help map 18 tee areas and pin locations. The project was put on halt for over a year and a half, as the county upgraded its main building and began to develop a more defined plan for the county’s park system. The Sauk County Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (CORP) was developed and calls for a general expansion of the County Parks system through increased outdoor recreational opportunities. Disc Golf is included in this ‘expansion of outdoor recreational opportunities’.

Project Details

  • Disconsin Disc Golf Club’s initial walkthrough and rough course map was done in 2016
  • With the help from Don “Duster” Hoffman, 18 tee and pin locations were marked out and mapped
  • A disc golf course meets the requirements for outdoor recreational expansion laid out by the Sauk County Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (CORP)

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Upcoming Events

While disc golf can be very relaxing and social, the versatility allows for competition. Disconsin focuses to conduct, host, officiate, and sponsor disc golf related events. These events will serve to provide the community with increased access to friendly competition within the venue of disc golf. As a club, we also strive to recognize those organizations who have helped us along the way of growing the sport.

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